How to test your mobile app locally in multiple devices (IOS, Android)

You are developing a mobile app or a web app, you run it locally and you want to test in the mobile (android/ios) or other browser (like Safari) but for example you don’t have a Mac.. What to do?

You can use Amazon device farm to test in a real IOS mobile or you can use to test in a safari browser

First you have to expose the local dev server to the web with a local tunnel, You can do this with a npm package (You need to have Node.js installed)


1- Install Npm LocalTunnel Package

npm install -g localtunnel

2- Open local webserver with in a port

Example for Angular or Ionic App in Port 8100


ng serve --port 8100


ionic serve --port 8100

3- Open the tunnel executing

lt --port 8100

4- Grab the url they give you (in the console)

5- Open a web browser with that url

6- Now go to Amazon Device Farm

7- Create a device and open safari

You have also other alternatives like for example LambdaTest , you have 6 sessions free per day.

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