Host a Website in S3



1- Buy the domain

2- Create a hosted zone in Route53

Create Hosted Zone in AWS

3- Grab the dns names from the hosted zone

Grab DNS names from Hosted Zone in AWS

4- Go where you register the domain and add/change the dns records

Change DNS names grabbed from AWS

5- Request a SSL certificate (if you don’t have one)

This step is only needed if you plan to have a SSL site (https). You need to use Cloudfront (it might increase the cost of usage).

Request SSL Certificate AWS

6- Validate via DNS

Validation SSL Certificate in AWS

Press “Create record in Route 53”

Then click continue.

It might take a while before the SSL is issued

You might need to refresh the page after and see this

Validation SSL Certificate in AWS

5- Create a S3 bucket with the same name as the domain.

6- Make it public

7- Enable static hosting

S3 Static Website Hosting AWS

Edit and add a bucket policy

S3 Edit Bucket Policy AWS

8- Go back to Route53 to your hosted zone and create an A record

Create A Record AWS

9- First test

Create a index.html file like this

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
		<meta charSet="utf-8" />
		<h1>Hello World!</h1>

10- Go to your bucket and upload it

Upload to your bucket the index file

11- Check in the bucket static website properties the url or your static website

S3 website URL

S3 static website URL

12- Test now your real domain

S3 external domain URL

13- Now let’s add a cloudfront distribution to enable SSL

Go to Cloudfront and create a new distribution

AWS Cloudfront distribution

Be careful: That URL I set it’s wrong (it’s a common mistake), the origin domain must be s3-website instead

AWS Cloudfront distribution

Now click on Create new OAI

Next check the Cache y other settings

AWS Cloudfront Cache Behaivor

Set Redirect http to https

AWS Cloudfront Https

Add the custom ssl certificate you created before

14- Go to Route 53 and edit the domain A record to redirect to cloudfront

Route 53 Cloudfront Set

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